Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Part 9

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Длительность: 18:23


Devin Cardillo
Devin Cardillo - 9 часов назад
Just move into the house
your custome buliding you home guys love it enjoy it come on that's a dream for most people
cami bu
cami bu - 9 часов назад
came for the house renovation stayed cause i kinda fell in love
Tom Connally
Tom Connally - 9 часов назад
the room is called a butlers pantry
Desislav Ilev
Desislav Ilev - 10 часов назад
Keep up the good work, Matt! Buying an old house/mansion and renovating it is my dream and i absolutely love the series !!!
budgiebreder - 10 часов назад
“Butlers pantry”
Travis Boorman
Travis Boorman - 11 часов назад
Butlers pantry
Dominic Meyrick-Brook
Dominic Meyrick-Brook - 11 часов назад
Hi Matt, love your show 🙂. Looks amazing, the work your doing👍.
Just checking, do you have "acrow props" in the US. Only the temp wall you put up to move the wall you could have used some boards and a handful of acrow props... The ceiling would been supported in 10mins...
Looking forward to seeing the place develop over the coming months 🙂.
Ajaree - 11 часов назад
that doesn’t look like a mansion
Al Is Up Outdoors
Al Is Up Outdoors - 11 часов назад
LOL Happens all the time at my shop. "well it wasn't broken before when I ordered parts?"
Almost every time the new parts get installed more more broken stuff is found.
Jamin Clarke
Jamin Clarke - 12 часов назад
Fell off watching the whole ranch channels for a while and started going down the rabbit hole of negative YouTube. Happy to say I am back to all three channels. Such positivity pours from Matt and what an inspiration to be a better husband/father/man. Thanks Matt.
Freddy G.
Freddy G. - 12 часов назад
13:57 no ma’am
Dwight E Howell
Dwight E Howell - 12 часов назад
You've turned that mansion into a nice lot...Ok, so I lied.
rchouser123 - 12 часов назад
You need to bury a shipping container for a real Bunker Brand bunker. Otherwise your pace will be totally lame.
rchouser123 - 13 часов назад
I'm out of work. I'd can do stuff. I'm a lab scientist dude but I can move heavy things.
MickiClick1 - 13 часов назад
Not much of the original house left.
ImNotScottySnow - 13 часов назад
Honestly matt; whats not exciting to you is exciting to me and im sure alot of other people; its really nicve watching your videos while doing work and passing time. Love the vids; would love to see more time lapses of just random work
a71landcruiser - 15 часов назад
I wish I had a grapple bucket. It'd work so well for my day job - attorney - "oh Mr. Attorney, I see the wisdom of paying you, now please let go of my underwear".... it would be so cool.
Rob Vazquez
Rob Vazquez - 15 часов назад
What's a piece of shit and 💰 pit. I hope you and your family can find some happiness when this journey is over.
Шиллер Александр
Шиллер Александр - 15 часов назад
Мэт, обведи границу участка на заставке! что было понятно какой большой твой участок) взлети на дроне и обведи на фото границы участка)
NWA CAD Services
NWA CAD Services - 15 часов назад
I call it a "Butler's Pantry".
Dan Agado III
Dan Agado III - 15 часов назад
What's the name of the song at 11:47 when he starts breaking the brick floor...
Austin Allgire
Austin Allgire - 16 часов назад
In this episode Matt takes a knife to the face
Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris - 16 часов назад
"Don't half ass two things whole ass one thing!" Ron Swanson
Lori Dresser
Lori Dresser - 16 часов назад
The room at the back of the kitchen is called the butlers pantry.
Obama2rich !
Obama2rich ! - 16 часов назад
Everyone: planting trees

This guy: 0:09
durun1224 - 17 часов назад
Subscribing in! I’m interested in the end result of what this mansion will look like
xXIBON3ZIXx - 17 часов назад
Lmao to the knife flying back at you.
Donna Siegert
Donna Siegert - 17 часов назад
Miss him showing his work at a vet
BrianBell4073 - 18 часов назад
Don't use OSB if you don't want to rip it out next time it rains
kiksten1316 - 18 часов назад
Butler's room
kiksten1316 - 18 часов назад
I mean butler's pantry
Its a Rome Thing Everyday
Its a Rome Thing Everyday - 18 часов назад
So much work
831vtc t2
831vtc t2 - 18 часов назад
we call the T'ed support studs strongbacks here in n.y
dman2010bch - 18 часов назад
That’s gonna one of those 5-10 walks uphill in the winter for school kind of driveways.. how long is it?
sharon blubaugh
sharon blubaugh - 18 часов назад
Get better music
N97 - 19 часов назад
your sons gonna watch this when hes older and think how much of a hard worker his dad is and learn that anythings possible if you put your mind to it... Top job
DuaneandKristi Crocker
DuaneandKristi Crocker - 19 часов назад
It’s called a butlers pantry.
Cyndy D
Cyndy D - 19 часов назад
butlers pantry
Chris Reese
Chris Reese - 19 часов назад
If you are looking for the best wood countertops/shelves/mantels/bar tops etc.. In the industry for your house contact Grothouse We are number 1 for a reason!!! Contact me at for more info
Carrie - 19 часов назад
Butlers pantry
Brad Moore
Brad Moore - 19 часов назад
Fire the dbag cutting a sheet of wood flat on the floor.
deleted44 - 19 часов назад
That "chef's kitchen" would be the butler's pantry. Tends to have another small sink, glasses, coffee maker and a fridge or small dish washer
Trailerpark Supersports
Trailerpark Supersports - 19 часов назад
great work, cant wait for the next video
Kate - 19 часов назад
butler's pantry not chef's kitchen lol
Catherine NELSON
Catherine NELSON - 20 часов назад
Matt, regarding that gorgeous shower room: may I suggest that room might make a perfect plant and reading room, with the only door opening to the master bedroom? It could be a lush, private retreat!
pikkuhakki2 - 20 часов назад
Should just switch the renovation ranch back to demolition ranch and build something new and not moldy on that nice piece of land.
AL ROD - 20 часов назад
Just a question: Do Americans have problems with termites because of their wood houses? I mean, I'm from Brazil and brick is the essential thing to be used to build stuff, not wood
Jacob Stilwell
Jacob Stilwell - 20 часов назад
when he nailed all those knife throws
Austin Farrar
Austin Farrar - 20 часов назад
ahh the breakfast table eating room... my favorite room of the house...
David Lee
David Lee - 21 час назад
I hadn’t seen this one yet and 2 of my girls said, “It’s so good!” When I watched it all I could think of was the Lego movie when batman says, “First try!” 🤣
Aaron - 21 час назад
13:09 Ouch? 🤕
johanna - 21 час назад
Butlers Pantry is the word you're looking for.
ColorWarrior - 22 часа назад
This series should be uploaded to demolitionranch
Alfredo Lopez
Alfredo Lopez - 22 часа назад
When are u getting mare for the pink truck
John Shull
John Shull - 22 часа назад
Me: *starts watching Matt’s new video*
Fiancé: Are you watching your other family again?
will kay
will kay - 22 часа назад
Where’s the bronco
Ed Hunter
Ed Hunter - 22 часа назад
Silly as£ you should of replaced both parts on the bobcat.
Yesenia Guerrero
Yesenia Guerrero - 23 часа назад
So far nothing has been easy peasy lol.
Cassie Staszuk
Cassie Staszuk - 23 часа назад
butlers pantry * not chefs kitchen
Martin Jimenez
Martin Jimenez - 23 часа назад
Anyone know what he got his degree in?
Samantha Schuler
Samantha Schuler - 23 часа назад
These are really cool, but I really want more Vet Ranch videos with Dr. Matt!